1.      SECURITYX has been operating for a continuous period of 8 years now. The company is passionate about offering flexible and professional risk and security services to its clients.

2.      Destiny, Cause and Calling- SECURITYX seeks to provide adaptable security and risk/loss mitigating services that support commercial customers to succeed in their core activities and allow private customers their well deserved secure homely experience. SECURITYX always seeks to build mutually beneficial long term partnerships. SECURITYX achieves this through providing quality and adapted security services that consider the specific security  and associated risk mitigating needs  of customers.

3.      Values – Customers are at the centre of what we do at SECURITYX. Service delivery and conduct of business at SECURITYX is underpinned by a value system that the SECURITYX Team strongly believe in:

a.      Honesty

b.      Diligence

c.      Professionalism

d.      Customer care

e.      Continuous learning

4.      Colleagues at SECURITYX – Field staff is organised to ensure effective deployment and supervision. Recruitment is strict and tightly controlled. Staff is trained on a continuous basis to maintain high service standards with quality reviews embedded within the supervision cycles. Staff is well equipped and kitted. SECURITYX always seeks to sustain an environment for staff which promotes the development of individuals. The company maintains a pool of trained prospective staff to draw from to fulfil contract requirements from time to time. SECURITYX staff is vetted on recruitment and on an ongoing basis. The company prides in well qualified and experienced staff that draws from professionals across all levels.

Our focus on qualifications and experience extends to our Gates and Screens department as well as our Risk and Insurance services departments. Our Insurance offerings are underwritten by Zimnat Lion Insurance Company Limited, who offer our staff continuous fit for purpose training.

5.      Our field services and experience – It is SECURITYX policy to conduct security surveys before assuming guard contract services. Our Operations Team meets the client to draw up Guard Standing Instructions. We operate a 24 Hour Control Room linked to operatives through VHS Radio communication systems. We pride in operating standards and procedures that ensure well recorded occurrences and risk events. Our procedures have ensured that, when necessary, we stand ready to handle and support investigations of risk and crime events. SECURITYX also sustains a valid professional indemnity insurance cover.

SECURITYX has provided services to shops, shopping malls, office complexes, hospitals, clinics, schools, mines, industrial sites, homes, churches, events and other similar assignments.

Registration and licencing – SECURITYX is the trading name for Kuyper Investments (Pvt) Ltd. The Company is licenced with the Ministry of Home Affairs.